Bourn Concert, 20th October 2013

The Moonlighters performed at Bourn as part of a concert with many other local musical acts. The programme was a variety of our repertoire, some from America in the early 20th Century. We performed in two sections, the first was mainly hits of the 1930s, which remain popular to the present day.

  • I’ve Got Rhythm
    Gershwin standard sung by many famous singers including Ethel Merman who also sang the following song:
  • Miss Otis Regrets
    This is Cole Porter’s story of a lady who comes to a bad end because of a man! 
  • Tea for Two
    We finished with a much frothier jazz hit from 1924, which has been used for a McVities biscuit advert in 2005 and even sung by the Muppets!

The second section began with two more hits from the 1930s.

  • Let’s Do It!
    Another Cole Porter song, our version is both less risque and shorter than many others
  • The Continental
    The song won the first Academy Award for best original song in 1934. It was sung by Ginger Rogers when it appears in a 20 minute dance sequence by Fred and Ginger in The Gay Divorcee.
  • Honey Pie
    From the 1960s, this song may not sound like a Beatles number, but it is Lennon and McCartney’s 1968 homage to British Musical Hall. 

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